• Great Real Estate Photography Will Make You Money

    I was speaking with an agent today at a shoot and it went something like this.

    Agent:  “I know how important great real estate photos are and you want to know how?”

    Me:  “How, agent?”

    Agent:  “I started using you for all my listings (which included the $80K listing we shot today) because you make me money.”

    Me:  “What!?  You’re reselling the photos I take and for more money!?  But Why?  I thought you just wanted them for your listing.

    Agent:  “No No No, although that’s a very good idea.  Let me tell you.  I picked up 3 clients last year based solely on your photos.  All three called me out of the blue because they loved how the photos of my listings looked and could tell that I took my listings seriously.  Now, I still had to compete for the listings but without the photos, I would never have gotten in the door.”

    The above conversation is 100% the reason successful agents take great photos of their listings.  They know three things.

    1.)  With great photos, you are that much more likely to get someone interested in your property over a comparable listing with iPhone photos.  Time is money.  The faster you sell, the less work you need to do with that listing.  Opportunity cost!

    2.)  Great photos will impress the pants off a homeowner that’s looking for an agent.  They’ll see you are an agent that puts the effort in.  You know your strong suits and where you might not be as skilled (photos) and you hire it out.  That’s what all successful businesses do.

    3.)  Word of mouth.  This speaks for itself, no pun intended.  You do a great job and they’ll tell a handful of their friends who are probably selling in the next few years.

    This is all pretty logical info and you might think I’m blowing smoke but it’s the truth.  Do what you’re good at.  If you can take great photos, do it!  You’ll make more money because of your photography.  


    Let these sites drive the point home or at least make you laugh:




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