What is Bayer Video Tours?

We specialize in high-definition photos and YouTube video tours. Whether you're selling a house, renting a vacation home, or marketing a Bed and Breakfast, we can help. Nothing represents your property better than video and no one does it better than Bayer Video Tours.

Only 2% of home buyers found their home by using the newspaper; and that number is only getting smaller. We think it's time to put your property where 97% of people start their home search - online.We know we will do the best job representing your property online and making that first impression really count.

Want to know more? Watch our video or contact us - we're always here to help. Our pricing is straight forward, too. No hidden fees or excess charges. Ready to spice up your listing? Schedule your tour today.

Our Mission

Ad agencies have been doing it for over 50 years, and it’s time for the Real Estate industry to catch up! Moving images give buyers a sense of being there - a powerful tool in selling your home. We aim to be the creative arm of the real estate business, showing your Home Moveys to the right buyers for the most efficient, (and impressive), real estate sales experience possible. Our agents are leading a Real Estate Revolution.

Who We Are

Our professional shooters and editors know how to tell a story, and we’ve decided to focus on the story of your home. We call it a “Home Movey,” and our goal is the same as yours: sell the home, make the hard earned money, and move forward! Located all over the country, our Oscar-winning* shooters work directly with expert agents, who have realized the power of the moving image when it comes to selling a product.

*claim not yet confirmed by the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences

Our History

Just like the motion picture, we were born in Rochester NY (cue the Ken Burns score). Established in 2006, we started with a camera and a simple goal: shoot real estate the way people experience real estate. We saw the 360-style picture wasn’t working, and with the budding popularity of Youtube, it was clear where the future was: easily accessible video tours.